The sin of indifference


He was embers
in a black inky night.
He was the moon
drowned in a musing ecstasy
of contemplation-
overhung and overspread
with frippery ivy.
Who would tell the moon
stories of its own
un-purchaseable luxury?

There was 
that I wanted to say.
What could be better
than to keep drowning
in the pearly grey of his eyes,
in the spacious leisure of his soul.

The night was quiet,
the stars more attentive,
and he had a still voice of a poet.
When he spoke,
he spoke
 with volcanic upheavings
of imprisoned passion.

In those moments,
I thought I would
let go off 
my world for him
if he asked.
He asked me
not to love him.

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  1. CreativeGenes

    Very beautiful imagery, Pallavi! You truly have a gift, and a way with expressing through words. Amazing! Here is an excerpt from one of my pieces from my eBook of poetry that fans of yours might like:

    As I stare at the inkless page of lost memories I think of you. The one that got away. Far far away… but still at arm’s length of my touch.
    Don’t rush. Your heart is fragile and understandable is the difficulty to trust.
    Our cycle has repeated for many moons.
    In love for a spell until animosity resumes…
    And we fail and we suffer. Struggle because of hate yet we love one another.
    If only it could all be so simple. As you blame your outburst on your latest menstrual.
    And I blame my reaction on my heinous temper.
    My expectations I’ve learned to temper. We just can’t get it.
    It hurts because in the beginning everything involving my future included you in it.
    Cloud 9 was our image. The love was true.
    Found freedom to be myself when I was with you. When we were one.
    Now we’ve become none…distant. Still shifting…
    I wonder if we’ll ever be more than a vision.
    This has got to be a sickness.
    And loving the wrong girl is a painful symptom.
    Yet I constantly hear the cries of you playing the victim. Because I’m the bad guy.
    The one who damaged your heart… stepped on and ripped it apart…

    Thanks again for sharing! Please follow me at:

    Check out my full audio version of my poem here:

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