Giveaway Time!!!


Hello guys, I am so excited for this blogpost.

I know I am a bit late but all my time is being guzzled up by my other project – I am writing a fiction novel. Yes, I said it. This is the first time I have said it out loud and trust me, I am freaking out. But that is a discussion for another time.

This post is for a very special book that is close to my heart – “The Alphabet of Heart’s Desire” by absolutely wonderful Brian Keaney. If you are unfamiliar with the book, I have linked the review here.

Giveaway Time!!!!

The book is going to be released in under 10 days, and I am here to remind you to absolutely not miss it! People at Holland House Books, the publisher of the book, were kind enough to offer 5 signed copies as giveaway!!

All you have to do is-

  1. Follow Blog.
  2. Share this blogpost on your social media and Tag 3 friends who you think would like to read this book.
  3. Comment on this blogpost.

Winners will be picked by random draw by the publishers and I will have no part to play in the selection process to keep things fair.

I am really excited for this book to be released and I will definitely by buying it for a few of my bookworm friends as a Christmas Gift!



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Disclaimer: The views and the review of the book is unbiased and my own.





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