Book Review: Me Mam. Me Dad. Me.

Book Review Me Mam. Me Dad. Me. by Malcolm Duffy


Humorous and heartbreaking debut novel with the fresh, funny, honest voice of a 14-year-old Geordie lad recounting the trials and tribulations of family life and finding first love.

Danny’s mam has a new boyfriend. Initially, all is good – Callum seems nice enough, and Danny can’t deny he’s got a cool set up; big house, fast car, massive TV, and Mam seems to really like him.

But cracks begin to show, and they’re not the sort that can be easily repaired. As Danny witnesses Mam suffer and Callum spiral out of control he goes in search of his dad.
The Dad he’s never met.

Set in Newcastle and Edinburgh, this supremely readable coming-of-age drama tackles domestic violence head on, but finds humour and hope in the most unlikely of­ places.


What does a 14 year old boy do when he finds himself confronted with a situation he has no control over? Danny has seen and heard his mother being physically and mentally abused by her boyfriend Callum but he does not understand why his mother won’t tell anyone about the domestic abuse or get help. Danny decides to take matters in his own hands and sets out to look for his Dad, who he has never met, with a belief that only his dad can help save his mother from being killed by her boyfriend Callum.

The anguish, pain and confusion of little Danny has been portrayed in a manner that is not only relatable but also incredibly moving. The author has done a brilliant job in showcasing the helplessness felt by Danny and thereby many other children who experience domestic violence situations.

The narration from the point of view of Danny is easy and believable. There were moments that I wanted to reach out and give Danny a big hug that is how splendid the character development is in this book. The author went all guns blazing when it comes to character development and it shows. All the characters are so potent and so alive, that you can live each one of them in the 256 pages of the book.


Me Mam, Me Dad, Me is a real, poignant and heart-wrenching story of not just Danny but many kids who witness Domestic abuse and their struggle to cope up with their reality.

Final Thoughts

This is a great book with a great subject matter and even better storytelling. I can’t recommend this book enough.

About the author

Malcolm Duffy


Malcolm Duffy is a Geordie, born and bred. His first novel, Me Mam. Me Dad. Me., was inspired by his time at Comic Relief, visiting projects that support women and children who suffered domestic abuse.



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