Book Review: You were made for this by Michelle Sacks


Doting wife, devoted husband, cherished child. Merry, Sam, and Conor are the perfect family in the perfect place. Merry adores the domestic life: baking, gardening, caring for her infant son. Sam, formerly an academic, is pursuing a new career as a filmmaker. Sometimes they can hardly believe how lucky they are. What perfect new lives they’ve built.

When Merry’s childhood friend Frank visits their Swedish paradise, she immediately becomes part of the family. She bonds with Conor. And with Sam. She befriends the neighbors, and even finds herself embracing the domesticity she’s always seemed to scorn.

All their lives, Frank and Merry have been more like sisters than best friends. And that’s why Frank soon sees the things others might miss. Treacherous things, which are almost impossible to believe when looking at this perfect family. But Frank, of all people, knows that the truth is rarely what you want the world to see. – Goodreads


This heady cocktail of friendship, loyalty, jealousy, lies, secrets is an extremely unputdownable debut novel.

I had lost count of how many twists and turns this book offers by the time I reached chapter 5!

Sam and Merry are a perfect couple, have a perfect house in a small town of Sweden, are parents to a perfect little baby boy, Conor. Sam has left behind his Academic life to pursue what he loves the most – to be a filmmaker. Merry is a domestic goddess who can’t put Martha Stewart to shame. She sacrificed her career as a Set Designer to raise Conor, her little bundle of joy.

Long days of Swedish Summer are made even more interesting when Frank, Merry’s childhood friend, comes to visit them.

Nobody knows Merry as Frank does. And nothing in this family and friendship is at is it seems.

Soon after Frank arrives, the web of deceit starts to unravel and with every page you turn, things seem to take a turn for the worse.

By the end of the book, you wouldn’t wish to know any of these characters personally. You would hate them, yet you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the how’s and the why’s.

The shifting POVs from Sam, Merry and Frank add to the layers that Michelle has carefully crafted. This is not so much of a mystery as it is drama. One hell of a drama at that.

I will definitely recommend You were made for this.

4 stars for this brilliant debut!

About the author


Michelle Sacks was born in South Africa. She holds an MA inLiterature and Film from the University of Cape Town, and has been shortlisted twice for the South African PEN Literary Award, as well as the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

Her debut collection of stories, Stone Baby, was published by Northwestern University Press in 2017, and her first novel, You Were Made for This, will follow in Summer 2018 from Little, Brown.

She currently lives in Switzerland.

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