About Me


Last year I went to a Greek wedding. The music and the dancing was all fun. Whenever I introduced myself to the Greek relatives of my friend, they all gave me a very strange look, till someone mustered up courage to ask me if I am sure my name is Pallavi. Of course I was sure, it has been that way since I was born! The person sighed, chuckled a little bit and told me that Pallavi in Greek means “CRAZY”! Yes, that’s my name!For those who are not familiar with Hindi language, it means “a flower”. But I prefer crazy over the demure flower!

I am an aspiring polyglot, a hobbyist writer, and a painter. In my previous life I was a corporate slave. Now, I am whatever I want to be. Presently I am a compulsive reader and procrastinator. This blog is my outlet to share my love of reading and dreaming.

Black coffee, kittens and, Steinbeck’s words are my weakness.  The wise man once said – “I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.” and who am I to disagree! I currently live in Munich and day-dream of Spanish summers.

Let’s be friends.